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12th August 2011

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Lavender Town Curse

I was digging through my closet one day to find my Game Boy. I did find it, yet is was the original. “thats odd”. You see, I owned a Game boy Advance. I also found a Pokemon Red Version. “What the?!?” I said outloud.

 I owned a FireRed. Not the original. I started it up, And when i started it up, a message appeared. Odd is it was, the message wasn’t from Oak. Do you like this game? And Yes No options.

 I did have an Original version before, and this text box popped up. When I was little, I didn’t realize this wasn’t Normal. But, When i was little, my Red version was stepped on, the casing of the cartrige broke and scratched the in-electronics. It woudn’t work. I didn’t recall having a back up Red Version either.

 But the game looked fine now. It had all my original pokemon. My Fearow, my caterpie witch i named Sup, yet now it said don’t, and Fearow said play. After reading so many creepypastas, my brain was set to think the game was sending me messages.

I decided to go to sleep. I dreamed I caught a Pikachu, a diglett, a Lapras and a geodude. I didn’t name them. When i woke up, I ate breakfast, took a shower, then turned my game on. Then i realized that the dream Pokemon where in the real game.they took up the 4 remaining spots. They had names. Dont, Play, The, Game, You’ll, RegretIt.

 I had a shiver run down my spine. I did regret it. Last thing I did was save in Viridian forest, Now i was in Lavender Town. Another Text box. Do you still like this game? I carelessly selected Yes. I Went to heal my pokemon, but Nurse Joy seemed to be lieing down. I walked out, and the sign out front of the pokemon center that said PkMn said TURNOFF. The Pokemart said GAME. The cashire was standing,but when i asked him i wanted to buy something, his choices were TURN, BACK, LAST, and CHANCE.

When i disobeyed, a message came up. THEN YOU WISH TO BE CURSED?Yes No. The Lavender Town music was playing,exept the frequeces seemed to be hylighted. I selected No immedietly, and then it said, TURN IT OFF. I did, and i heard a HUGE strike of thunder. I looked outside, and a tomb stone, Here Lies Joy.

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