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18th June 2011

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The story I’m going to tell you is 100% true. Don’t tell me that I deserved this for using Gameshark and stuff like that, because I didn’t. I never use hacks in my games!

It happened a normal day. I decided to level my dear Butterfree named Laura on my Black game. I’ve always loved that name, but enough about that. I went to Route 9 to EV level it when I saw the thing that would change my whole view of this game forever. I saw some rustling grass, but there was one thing that was strange about it. It was in the dark grass. I thought that it was impossible for the dark grass to rustle during normal game play. Well, partly out of curiousity, but also for the change to fight two Audino I went in, now I regret I ever did. In the grass I found an Audino, but not a normal one, but an UNDEAD Audino, it looked nothing like an normal Audino. It had red glowing eyen and it had sharp fangs, also parts of it’s body was rotten and in some places even ripped off. I was very afraid and tried to escape, but the normal Can’t escape text appeard, damn I thought. Then I saw the move that would change my life.

”UNDEAD Audino used Destiny Bond”

Well, you all know what Destiny Bond does, if the user faints the opponent also does, but what happens if an already dead pokémon uses it on a living one? That’s right, in front of my own eyes my sweet Laura turned into an zombie. I was scared as shit. After that the UNDEAD Audino ran away.

After the battle a text box appeared that said: Laura wants to learn Destiny Bond, I tried to say no but then another text box appeard that said: Laura HAS to learn Destiny Bond. Then I had to remove a move, I chosed Quiver dance, becuase that was the only move that wasn’t very important in her moveset. I checked it’s stats, everything was normal exept for two things, the spite and the ability. The spite was torn apart and all zombiefied just like the Audinos. And the ability was changed to Undead the description read: ”This pokémon is Undead, that makes some of it’s moves change their effect, it’s up to you to discover all the advantages of this.” Advantages I read, this sounded really cool in some way, I was no longer scared over this glitch but exited. I had discovered something no one else ever had. My Laura was probably the first of it’s kind.

I desided to test this new ability on the battlefield. I first tried Sleep powder, it did the exact same thing as usuall, then I tried Dream eater, same there, the wild pokémon I fought fainted, not died as you might suspected. I went on to the next battle, fighting a wild Audino this time. I used Whirlwind, it did the same as usuall. Then I fought the last battle to figure out what that new creepy move did, I was already pretty certant about what it did, but I had to try it out. A wild Liepard appeared.

UNDEAD Laura used Destiny Bond:

Liepard transformed into UNDEAD Liepard.

UNDEAD Liepard flied

That was it. I had Zombiefied another pokémon, I kinda liked it by some morbid reason, yeah, I’m a pretty morbid person. I felt like I had to try it out some more, I really liked this feeling. So I went to elite four, I went there to Zombiefy all of their pokémon to see what would happen. I started with Marshal as usuall (in case it wouldn’t work so did my Butterfree have Dream Eater so I could defeat his pokémons when they slept). But after just a single succesfull Destiny Bond, Zombie edition, so did he lose the battle. He didn’t say the normal line, he instand said: ”What have you done to my Breloom?”. It did really work on trainers… I went on like this on both Caitlin and Grimsley, but when I came to Shauntai it did work just like an usuall Destiny Bond. I quickly understood why, because her pokémons were already dead, so I had to fight her the normal way. After the battle she said: ”I once met a trainer who controlled the dead. All the trainers he met had flied in fear, I was just impressed, oh sorry, I thought loud again…”. Then it was Alders turn to met his judgement. Just like before I won in one singe attack. It worked. The hall of fame next I thought to my self, time to restart soon.

After the credits was done I was back in my home. Now time to try if my theory about this move was true. My theory was that once their pokémons were zombified they would always be. I was right. Marshals first pokémon Breloom was still an Undead. I knew what to do so I grinded the elite four untill all of their pokémons also were Undeads. Proud over myself I understood that it was time for my new experiment about this game breaking ability. WI-FI.

I haven’t began it yet, but when you read this I’ve, so don’t be suprised if next time you go online via WI-FI to a random battle you might stand face to face with my Undead Laura, or any other undead pokémon that I have infected. But don’t be afraid, just like me you might learn to love your zombie pokémon just as much as I do.


May the sickness spread:


I’ve written this one myself, you don’t have to credit anyone for it because the name I would’ve wanted it credited for is written at the end of the story. I hope you enjoy it :)

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