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5th April 2011

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Missingno 64

Everyone played at least one of the 3D pokemon games right?

Remember Pokemon Stadium?

I sure do.

As a kid it just amazed me to no end how “realistic these pokemon looked.

This creepypasta is not about pokemon

becoming mutated or bloody or “…” or lavender flavor bullshit.

This is a true story. Feel free not to believe me.

This hack wasn’t really all that scary… at first.

To be truthful, I would really like to meet the creator of this

hack. Wish I could make a hack like this.

Anyway, on to the story.

Around Five years ago, life was good.

I had just lost my GBA and Pokemon stadium 2.

Still had 1 however.

We also had just recieved dial-up.

I am dead serious. We ARE NOT tech people.

Along my travels, I came across an interesting… site.

The site was

Now, obviously this site is now defunct, or else I wouldn,t be

talking about it.

All it had was how to catch Missingno and ‘M.

Didn’t even have the mew glitch.

It also had a fanfic section… with titles such as:



Yikes. After vomiting profusely, I noticed they also had a “roms”


It just had roms of red and blue.

Then I noticed the flashing (Gold and red) NEW!!

sign on the site.

There were 4 roms of Pokemon Stadium.

They all had the same boxart, but very different descriptions.

1st one was just the “catch em all” original.

2nd one said “Type inversion, all special is attack,

and opposite.”

All this hack did was make types that used “Attack”

use “Special” and vise-versa. (Psychic uses the “attack stat yay!”)

3rd one said ” Original cries.” (All this did was just make the pokemon use their gameboy cries, which ARE in Stadium. Check

the pokedex in Oak’s Lab.)

The 4th one, however said “Missingno 64”

Oh Shit.

the caption also said to read the fanfics section.

No effin’ way.

I believe not in Missingno.

I was home while my parents were at work.

The download finished after thay got home.


And then I downloaded what I think was Project64.

Missingno 64 had grabbed my curiosity, and I couldn’t wait to play it. (My internet was slow but my comp was a pentium 4.)

So I did.

I was amazed at how well the emulator worked, but not amazed

enough to notice that the opening sequence had NO SOUND at all.

The sound was enabled and the title had sound, just not the opening sequence.

The title was Pokemon stadium, same old, same old.

However the only option on the screen was the “Stadium” mode.


I also noticed that the gameboy tower and Oak’s lab seemed to have been whited out, as if erased in Ms paint (it was very sloppy looking.)

So I began to play.

At the first match everything was the same…

except for the fainting animations.

When caterpie’s health was gone, it did the animation,

but rather than be called up, the pokemon lay there.

After a minute the return animation played, but it went straight up.

The text said “You monster.”

I think caterpie died.

This continued throughout the game.

(It actually resulted in a funny glitch with fishes, they would float under the ground.)

Anyway, after several days, I beat all of stadium. (or killed?)

However, the Gym leader castle was called the “Covenant of Missingno” Strange.

No changes otherwise.

Till the Elite fo— er the “Disciples of Missingno”

No changes besides the name. Even Lance. (Still fun to watch his fucking Dragonite die, creepy as it is.)

However, Blue was called M’

Very funny hacker.

All of his pokemon were Level 50 Rhydon with Water gun,

Water gun, Sky attack, and Focus Energy.

Beat him easily.

Then I got this text box…

"The Reality must not change… or I shall fade."

Geez, sore-loser, huh?

And mewtwo came, but it was a full featureless purple shadow

of a mewtwo.

The music playing was some sort of horrible midi that sounded

like a glitch screwing an Octopus (or Octillery.)

There was no background.

I selected Electrode, prepared to do the Paralysis OHKO strategy…

but Mewtwo was just a black square.

In his party was a white box, whose name was SAVIOR.

I noticed my name was now “Programmer”

Seems like the hacker didn’t like Game freak.

So anyway, I sent out mine, but what MEW TWO sent out

was… Basically a 3D render of the Lavender town ghost.

It used a lot of haunters animations and had Zapdos’ cry.

It had 888 HP.

Easy enough.

Until I tried attacking.

"Savior is trying to remember."

It did the “confused” animation.

"Savior remembered all of those you damned."


"Savior remembers Jynx!"

It changed into Jynx.

When it ran out of health, rather than fainting,

the “Savior remembered” text played again.

"Savior remembered Tarous!"

And the battle continued like this until I beat him as a snorlax.

"Savior will miss you and your kind."

"Savior tried to be a pokemon, but couldn’t."

"Savior is sorry for what he has done."

"Savior will leave you forever."

And it just sort of faded away.

"Savior will never corrupt trainers again."

Wow. Poor Missingno.

After that the credits rolled.

The title screen came back.

And it showed just the lavender town ghost, alone, frowning.

It seemed to have blue tears coming from its’ eyes.

And the title said ” I must live alone forever.”


I went and turned R2 on out of curiosity.

The castle turned back to normal.

Oak and the Tower were still absent.

The title screen became the one with the starters.

Missingo64 no longers exists.

Neither does the rom or any evidence of it, as my hard drive wiped 3 years ago.

Missingno is lonely, regarded as a myth.

Why do we mock him?

"Savior fainted!"

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