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28th January 2013

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Pokemon: Blood Emerald

By DemonicSouth (me) 

Its Been years since I picked up Pokemon game and watch the series. It’s hard to call myself a die-hard Pokemon fan for not keeping up with the series, both Televised and Video Game. I do loved the older versions of Pokemon like red, blue, yellow and so forth, but i did have a heart for the later years for Pokemon. One game which caught my attention was the Rudy/Sapphire versions as well as Emerald which was my favorite for the three. With Emulators running the block, finding Pokemon game roms were easy. Well not entirely.

I decided to stick my nose where it shouldn’t have been stuck and paid the price. A friend of mines told a-lot of chicken crap about these Roms on this site that leaves people crying. I though it was all baloney. BS stories. These roms he claimed to be cursed,to me sounds a whole lot of hacked games by misguided sadistic people. Same goes for those who do creepypastas on them. No offense.

I decided to de-pic these crazy theories about this website he goes on about. Later that night, I sat in one of those spinning chairs that recline for extra comfort. Thinking of Earlier, when I asked my friend about that site I wanted to see, it didn’t take long for an argument to ensue. He warned me about the dangers for downloading roms for that site, claiming that once you download the your life is in danger of ending. I laughed as I ignore his rants. finally he stopped complaining and he said, “I honesty do not know what will happen to you. Many people who has been to the site never gotten back or contacted  me. That is why I stay clear from that site, but i can’t stop you…farewell.” Just like that the conversation was done and over with. I left for home.

I soon rubbed that silly chatter that went on earlier that day out of my head and entered the url of the site., didn’t sound that horrible. when the site loaded there was semi-disturbing image of some ghost that stared directly at you. There was only a search box. No tabs, no functions, none of that good stuff you would see in a website. when I click into the search box, there was some text that appeared. It said, your first shall be your last so be mindful of what you chose. 

Ignoring that notion I quickly searched for Pokemon Emerald. Knowing this site may contain hacked roms, I was ready for what came my way. Only one result came and it was called Pokemon Blood Emerald. It seem to have some rave reviews about it but no of them were complements. Some saying “leave now!” and “get out now!, one download is one death.” Obviously these people are either messed up in the head or trying to be funny. Anyway, I downloaded the rom and all of a sudden my browser automatically closes, but before it did there was something that appeared before the browser closed. It stated…Game Over, have fun. After that scene, I re-open the web page to find that it was not available. No matter what I typed in all results were the same. I became Frustrated at this point. 

That’s when I really start to regret some of the things my friend told me, but even though I still wasn’t buying into the stories.

With that in hand I preceded to boot up the rom and a normal intro screen appeared. Nothing wrong with that and with the normal start screen. Professor Birch nagging us about Pokemon and such things but when he finished, He said something odd. Birch said many challenges await, as with your life at stake, do you continue yes or no. From that moment, someone had indeed mess with this rom but onward I must, so I hit yes and Birch didn’t say anything but his expression changed from a happy to a sad case to be reckoned with. Then before the screen changed, he said “If only you knew the truth about my daughter.” I sat there with a blank expression. Something must have happen to my rival which may indicate that this game may have an alternate story board. Something I did not want to find out, yet there was no turning back now.

Everything seemed normal. Short ride in back of the truck, hop out and check out the new house. Set my clock and be hassled by my mother about whats on TV. Go meet the new neighbors. So I did but when I entered my rival’s house, my rival’s mother came to me with disappointing news that their daughter has gone missing. Will you help find her? If I ever had a choice. I accepted the mission. Thanks you kind man but I know you have a life as well, so who am I to stop your dreams. From that point, I assumed that I can still go and fight the gym leaders and earned badges. I had no interest in finding my rival, yet the game keep reminding me to look for her as I go. This started to piss me off until I got to Mt. Pyre… that when shit got real

Instead of the usual Team aqua/magma mess, there was no invasion, but something worse. My character stopped and the inside of Mt. Pyre got foggy just as it was outside. Then a voice rung out that said…” A pitiful pond in a game of cat and mouse, if you chose to find me, it will be your ultimate fate.”

I gasp as my character ran out of Mt. Pyre automatically and would not enter again. It was apparent that she does not want to be found. I continued on my journey to towards the Elite 4 and to my surprise, there was no notion about finding our rival which a name was not giving. I eventually beat the Elite 4 and only the 4 since my rival was nowhere to be found. So it goes on that my character, which I just named Brendon, which is one of the default name for quick start defeated the Elite 4 and made it into the Hall of Champions. Soon after my character return home, I found myself in Professor Birch’s lab. Brendon told Birch about what has happened at Mt. Pyre. Birch with a hot tempered voice shouted at Brendon for not finding her but then apologized for his outburst. 

He then talk about his daughter which we now know as May. There was one thing that could bring may back to her sense and Birch rushed back to his house. Seconds later he return and gave me some kind of Pokeball shaped medallion. It was May’s good luck charm, she never left home without it but. Birch stopped himself and told Brendon to head back to Mt. Pyre. I can tell Brendon didn’t want to as I didn’t either but it wasn’t an option. Brendon took the medallion and so the trip back to Mt. Pyre began. This time the whole area surrounding mount Mt. Pyre was foggy and Brendon smelled a foul snitch which made him and his Pokemon cringe. 

Getting to the entrance, Brendon Stop. A voice whispered into his ear “Your warning was not taken likely and now your soul is mine”

A loud screech pledged the screen and I jumped at the chance to exit VBA. Sweating, I re-opened VBA and was shock that the screen went straight to the continue screen. Now I was Horrified. As I made my was through Mt. Pyre, the old Lavender Town music start to play. Holes in the floors had red dots like eye staring at me, ready to jump. Finally I got to the top entrance to find that the music has change to some gygas Lavender town remix. I wanted to laugh but it was hard to even crack a smile at this point. Brendon slowly cheeped up the stair until a sprite was visible. Brendon slowly walked and said…May. She didn’t respond. Then she answered, its been years since my disappearance, waiting for someone to find me and ask if i was OK. My father didn’t tell you didn’t he.

Brendon didn’t respond. There was a short pause before May walked over to Brendon. She looked normal until her body entered the shadows then stopped. May asked Brendon to step closer towards her and he did. “Touch me…Here, make me fell better.” I got a feeling that this rom hacker was some pervert. I was turned on a bit but then an icon bounced on the screen indicating that the Medallion dropped for Brendon’s pocket.

That’s…That’s mines. how got did you get. May never finishes the sentence. A horrid static sound filled the room (I had on some pretty loud headphone on). The screen shacked as a gruesome image of May’s rotting face appeared. The screen then flickered and text saying I’ll kill you for this, Then Silence. The game wouldn’t load anymore and I decided to call it a night. My head started to hurt has I though about what has happen. I finally manage to go to sleep but then I found myself in Brendon’s shoes. The snitch of Rotting flesh and depression filled the air. May walked up to me and said, everyone forgot about me. 

What happened I ask. People told me I was weak, I wouldn’t be ask strong as those of the Elite 4, time after time I left defeat and a little part of me died. My father, caring as he may seem disowned me. A Failure, but that changes today. My soul belongs to no-one but me and all who oppose will suffer. Unless you join me. May then walked closer to me until her body caresses mines and put my hand on her chest where her heart was. She whispers in my ear “you will always be in my heart.” I dare not look down but there it was. My hand was on her beating heart which quicken when i let go. I though to myself, this is a wet dream gone wrong! May then hold her chest split open and faces started to appear on the heart. Her face became that of what i saw on the game screen. With a small evil smile she yelled in a Demonic voice..”THE GAME IS NOT OVER TILL SOMEONE DIES, REMEMBER THAT.”

I woke up in a cold sweat as my computer was still shut off. I stared at it for a good minute and then I said, This ends now. I turn on the computer and opened VBA. Before I hit file, the game was loaded instantly as if it knew what I was going to play. Before the continue screen there was so text that typed out to be “Mission had changed, report to Birch’s lab now! Brendon was standing outside Mt. Pyre. I summon my swallow to use fly to head back to Birch’s lab and to my horror, the whole map was foggy. When I landed, the scene was all raining and everything looked trashed.

Brendon walks slowly to Birch’s lab. Inside, Birch’s assistants are all dead. May’s mother is crying for forgiveness. Brendon turns his attention to the TV where one news reporter is going about all these slaughter cases that has happen awhile ago. I myself paused. No she couldn’t have killed them all. In Fact she kill the Elite 4 and everyone that doubted her as a trainer. Nice of you to join us Brendon, May said. Now you will learn the truth behind all of this mess. May..please, Birch and his wife pleaded. May shouted, You never gave me the love that I deserved. It was all about your damn research and how much of a failure I was. Not just you but others as well. So now it will all end here and now. May drops a Pokeball, which didn’t open like a regular one. Blood poured from the edges and it open slowly as a darkness arose.

There was nothing Brendon could do at this point and didn’t stick around. He rushes out of the lab. The game was not in my control anymore. The screen started to shake again and a screech of the final words for May’s parents are heard. As Brendon used fly, everywhere he went was a disaster. The only place to go was Mt. Pyre where all this chaos started. Brendon wasted no time getting up to the top. There, where he and May first faced each other was the medallion laying on the ground in front of a tombstone. No brainier who’s tombstone that is. No other than May’s own, the name carved with blood stains. This was May’s final resting place and no one knew about it until Brendon came along. Game Over! May shouted. Brendon grabbed the medallion. May, with a horrifying grin and laugh shouted, That’s not going to help you now, but there was something written on the it. 

It said “To my dear and beloved daughter May. Me and your mother will always love you no matter what comes your way. May god bless you on your journey. Please be safe and we love you always. 

When May read this as Brendon help the medallion up, she stop. Soon May struggle to keep control of herself. Staggering back and forth she finally paused as this dark ora, which came from her pokeball at Birch’s lab poured from her body and shouting curses as it said, you’ll pay for this. Then in a soft voice, May mumbled Im…Sorry. An animation showed May falling into the ground. Her body slowly decay’s into the ground as she looks at Brendon. Finally May’s body was no longer visible and Brendon placed the Medallion on top of her grave. At the bottom entrance the sky and map turned back to normal. 

The games ending with a short description of what happened later. Brendon moved to a new area, but before that took place, a mass funeral was held for those who were slaughter that day. Afterwards, life resumed. There was a new Elite 4 and people went along with there life. Brendon returned to May’s grave. There was note. It read, To:Brendon, Thank You for showing me the errors of my bad ways. Im glad to had meet you, even though it was in a bad way. I apologize for putting you in all this mess and I shall pay dearly for my crimes. To a rival I never battle, Farewell.

Still haunted by the horrible turn of events, I deleted the game and never spoke of it again, Yet…I just can’t stop thinking that some of May’s story doesn’t add up. Who was these other trainers she killed, how did she die on Mt. Pyre and how did the website have anything to do with the Roms. These are things that I keep wondering over and over again. 

There are no explanations for these questions. Would the game provide the answer? That’s something I want to find out but deleting the file and the site not coming back up, I can only imagine. Then again who would want to after that experience. 

But…the war was not over yet. The evil spirit that had a hold of may declared round 2, and I was about to find more that what i wanted to know.

Its been days since I got rid of that horrible abomination of a Rom which was 

Blood Emerald, but things..didn’t set right with me. I keep thing how did such a good girl go bad. Things didn’t add up and i was getting paranoid all-over again. Although I didn’t have anymore nightmares about the rom, it was apparent that something was wrong and this was not the end until…(silence)

Someone dies.

Instantly I remembered what May said in my dream, “The game is not over until someone dies!”

My then remembered my friend telling me that those people that went to the site and played the game never was heard from again. I did some research one a couple recent deaths involving gamers like me. What I found was shocking. Some of the gamers had a note beside their deceased body saying, “Game Over, Love May.” Which this in mind, I had to find get to the bottom of this once and for all. For the sake of those who has fallen unto May’s deadly trap. 

At the time, I was lying on my bed when i figured everything out. The room suddenly got cold.  My computer turned on without warning and showed a black screen. White text appeared. It read,  If you want to continue, press enter or don’t make plans to awake in the morning. I a daring person so I hit enter and my desktop appeared with out any load time. Right by the Recycled bin was what I hoped didn’t showed up. With VBA still on my desktop I loaded the game expected the final scenes to play again but I was wrong. A dialog box appeared with text red a blood. It read, you’ve made your decision to continue and now the untold truth will be you end.

Regret started to settle in as this may be the last time I see real life as I knew it. As the game continued, pixelated art show scenes of Brendon fleeing to a new area called konara. It a small town not found on map. Far from the Hoenn, Jhoto, and kanto region. What Brendon didn’t know and what i was about to find out, that this is where May’s journey met its untimely end. 

I soon saw Brendon standing outside the boat that he used to get to Kanara. There was not regular transport since there’s no bridge long enough to stretch from Hoenn, which is closet to Kanara than Jhoto and kanto. I found to have full control of my character. I checked Brendon bag and it had all my pokemon in there. I browsed around the town looking for some meaning of being here. The few people that I saw told me I made a bad choice coming here. That I should go back as fast as I can. When i talked to everyone one, it was appropriate to said that no-one wanted me here and I should head back. A pond the dock where I first arrived, Brendon wouldn’t enter the bay. I was automatically forced back. 

Well this suck, people don’t want me here but I can’t leave, meaning there is something that is here to do. When I Brendon back to town it started to rain. There was no-one walking out and all access to houses were un-accessible. This made my body go soft as i notice a new pathway. Apond entering, a text box appeared saying, you life is now at sake. 

That make my heart sunk as Professor Birch mentioned the same thing before the game started.

I now see that he was warning me even before the game started. It is what he must have doing for all the others. An ere music flooded my headphones as I walked Brendon through the foggy forest. It had gravestones and Brendon complain about the stitch. a smell i thankful not to have smelled in real life. Brendon stopped and wouldn’t move no matter how hard I abused the arrow keys. Brendon slowly walked to the end of the labyrinth to found a Pokeball. No ordinary ball, in fact, it was the same ball May used before slaughtering her parents. A Demonic voice rung out, I shall tell you the full story before your final breaths.

Sweating, I continue to listen to the dreaded message. (Demonic Voice) to make a long story short, May was tired of being the one to come in second. Despite her training, she still could beat other trainer like her. She became frustrated and angry. Raw Emotion took over and began to eat away from her soul. Those trainer were ordinary people who train hard to over come their challenges, something May never realized. She forgot to have fun and forgot the true meaning behind a real trainer and what they do. She soon abandon her Pokemon (including her first which was torchick) in search of more stronger pokemon.

That is why she came here. In search of stronger and better Pokemon. I offer her my assistants under the rule that her soul belongs to me. This is her real death bed. Before she signed her life over to me, the pokemon she started off with took their revenge for abandonment, and May then and there paid the ultimate price. Killing her right on sight made my job easier. They ate her flesh while she was still alive, which made her day worse as she flailed and cried as her flesh was torn apart. The pokemon showed no Mercy and sympathy for her pain and continued with the onslaught. Tears turned into blood and now with her soul in place, I needed to keep my end of the bargain, killing those she most hated. 

Now it is time to die.

The voice echoed as Brendon start to run. that didn’t explain what happen on Mt. Pyre and why her gravestone was there and not here. With no time to think about that question, the ghost chased Brendon into town. The people gave chance to Brendon as well. I soon realized that these people are dead and are hungry for human flesh. It reminded me of that one Goosebumps episode where a family moved to a new town to only discovered that they’re all dead…and hungry. Getting back to the action that just unfolded, the screen blacked with static as Brendon makes his way back to the boat. Brendon mange to get the boat up and running. In a sick and twisted demonic voice blasted my ears “COME BACK, I JUST WANT TO EAT YOUR FLESH!”

At this point, That terrifying line makes me want to slap the shit out of my PC from sheer fright. Someone poured their heart and soul into making this rom. The voice was so clear as mp3. It brought tears to my eyes. I just want it to be over. That line rung over and over in my head and each second it played counted as one tear that rolled down my cheeks. Before I knew it, Brendon was Back at Mt. Pyre. Brendon and I both know that that evil spirit is playing mind game and is not at Kanara. Brendon knew that Tombstone has someting to do with all this mayhem and sure enough, what was though to be May’s grave site..was actually Brendon’s. A picture showed Brendon on his knees with tear running down his eyes. 

Then…Stood behind him was May, hover over he body was that evil spirit. The wind outside my house got violent til the point it shook my house a-bit, yet there was not evidence of a hurricane near us. May’s then said, Finally, the game is over, as a quick image of May slicing Brendon’s throat. then a black screen appeared. 10 seconds passed. I just wanted to throw up. Blood red text appeared saying. May Finally killed everyone and now its your turn. 

By body froze, then a horrifying picture of May holding Brendon’s and facing me, flashing light flicked throw my windowed and the house shook because of the wind. A loud, ear bleeding screech busted my headphone as the windows of my room shattered. I cried out loud like a baby. I keep repeating to myself, it all over, its all over. I was holding myself for comfort. I slowly went to sleep, then a voice whisperer, game over, welcome to hell. I woke up and was shocked at what I found. A foul putrid dark world that was swamping with demons of all sorts. Welcome to my world, May said. This is no dream. This is your fate. I didn’t want to believe it but i knew from that point on, I was in hell and…

I was dead. How could this be. The final words I hear were the ones that welcomed me to hell. Those words were “Game Over”

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