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11th July 2012

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Why do they hurt me?

Send me to battle, only to throw me back into the ball.

I know I’m young. But…it hurts to grow like this. Grow in my ball.

I’m stronger now. Faster. I came up with new moves.

Tell me to fight and I will! I can fight!

Don’t just throw me into the ball….I can’t take it anymore…

Am I not cute enough? My brown fur is matted. My tail bent.

I sweat in the ball. It’s so hot. Why does Charmander get to be outside?

Can’t I stay outside for more than a few minutes?

Can I please play with Master?

It’s been so many weeks since I met you.

You didn’t even name me.

Am I not important to you?

Do you not love me?

I love you….even after all this.

I get healed with them, but it’s hurting me.

Taking medicine I don’t need.

Getting shots when I’m too healthy.

They don’t take me out for long either. But it’s not their job.

They poke me with needles, touch me, put me back.

It hurts. They don’t stop it from hurting.


You let me battle! I won!

I finally got to grow outside. It hurts so much.

My body isn’t used to it, Master!

But I’m smiling. Let me show-

What is that? It’s so shiny!

And blue. I like blue.

Wait….why do I hurt again?

AHH! It hurts! Master, why are you doing this?

Am I not enough for you?

My brown tail! Why is it a fin?

My mane too?

I feel like i’m drowning.

Then it stops. Arceus….why?

Why does my Master hate me?

I can swim now…but that’s all I’m used for.

He doesn’t feed me.

He doesn’t hold me.

Just stands on my back as I swim so far.

I’m so tired.

Oh, Arceus, why did I get caught?

Bill was nice. He fed me.

Pet me.

Groomed me.

Then gave me to a trainer to help me grow.

But I don’t want to grow.

I want to be an Eevee again.

I was cute.

I want to be free.

I’m swimming again.

So tired…

Never healed anymore.

So often I’m in a box.



Arceus, please, give me a sign?

I battle again.

I grow. Maybe it’s not so bad.

Wait…I know a new move?


Oh, Arceus, you do love me…

Master tasted so good.

Vaporeon is free now.

I swim free of his weight. I saw his bones and other Pokemon sink.

I almost cried for them.

Until I remember the Charmander. He became a Charizard.

I’m glad he’s gone.

Master, if only you loved me like I loved you.

Like I love you. Now you’re with me always.

But now I’m outside, and you’re inside.

See how bad it feels?

I hope it hurts.

I love you…

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