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6th June 2012

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Pokemon Sleeping Emerald

[This is a true story]

Okay, so recently I re-discovered my kick-ass old Pokemon Emerald game, I was super excited because I haven’t seen that thing in forever!

As soon as I found it I popped it in my GBA and started it up, my old Game Boy sucked pretty bad, mind you, but the opening sequence seemed a little different upon starting. Same old bicycle scene, but it seemed the sky was darker, like the sun was setting, and there were no Pokemon flying besides Brendan as he biked, and when Torchic ran along to catch up with Brendan on the bike and fell, he didn’t get up. Instead of the Kyogre-Groudon-Rayquaza scene, it just faded out to black with that dumb Torchic laying flat on it’s face, asleep.

It brought me to the starting screen, where there was a saved file, but not mine.

I had always named my characters either “ROCKET” or “BEAST”. But this file had the character named “SCHLAF”, which, being of Nazi ancestry I realized was German for “Sleep”.

Now I had no clue where my old “ROCKET” file had gotten to because, unless my cats learned to play Pokemon, nobody had touched the game for well over a year.

Anyway, the new file wasn’t that bad, to tell you the truth.

Or so I thought when I first started.

I loaded the file, and my sprite was standing in a place not even remotely normal in terms of the game. It was hazed over, like Mt. Pyre, but it seemed darker. It was a flat plain, no tall grass or anything surrounding the area, the music was a creepy, yet enchating sort of slow, music-box tune. It sounded as if it was being played on a toy piano, though in the backround, much quieter as the melody, a low, sickly growl of Pokemon resounded, I could identify a few as the music looped; Ghastly, Haunter, Drowzee, Noctowl, Lunatone, and what I believe to be Hypno. I quickly recognized the melody, it was a German lullabye “Schlaf, Kindlein, Schlaf”, or “Sleep, Child, Sleep”. My sprite looked a bit different than May’s usual form, her hair was darker, her bandana a dark shade of maroon, her clothes a dark purple, she looked tired and sickly.

I walked around the barren area, until I got bored, unsure of how to get out, I checked my Pokemon. Well what do you know?! A freaking level 100 Haunter, bitches!

I checked it’s moves, praying that somehow, someway, it could maybe possibly know fly.

Surprise, surprise, it didn’t. It only had one move, Hypnosis.

After looking at the move, I inspected the Pokemon further.

The sprite of the Haunter looked pretty normal, though a bit darker, and it’s eyes were a bit half-lidded. It was nicknamed “Ruhen”, which translates from German to “Rest”.

I was noticing a theme here; sleep.

I exited out of my menu, only to find I was still in the confounded foggy place, I meandered around a bit, only to be confronted by a wild Pokemon. It was a Zigzagoon. Woohoo. Level 14, I put it to sleep with Hypnosis on the first move, then, out of nowhere, the Zigzagoon’s sprite and the battle scene faded out to black. A text box appeared, showing random numbers and symbols, I clicked A rapidly, my pulse pounding, the lullabye began to play again, the music going slower and slower, into a drone, the random symbols  stopped and the textbox then read “They have been put to rest”.

I was then back in that dumb field of nothingness, the music playing at it’s regular pace, but the backround noises were lower, more like growls than before. 

But then I noticed something in front of my sprite- Something laying there.

It was the sprite of the Zigzagoon, but it looked a much darker shade, with the colour drained from it… It sort of looked toppled over, slumped. It was hard to see, the pixels on my old GBA weren’t too great quality.

I wandered around until my sprite had stepped on a tile which the Escape Rope animation and I found myself in Verdanturf. It was darker, though. It looked as if the sun was setting, and there was no other people, I tried to enter a house, but I was unable to. I decided to walk over to Mauville, I ran through a patch of grass and was put into a battle with an Illumise, I used Hypnosis on it and the screen faded to black, yet again.

The same as Zigzagoon, there was the textbox and the random numbers and stuff. I skipped through it all, waiting for the last one. It finally appeared, with the words; “An eternal rest.”

The sprite of what I think was an Illumise was laying there. It was kind of blotchy for a GameBoy game, it looked warped, like the pixels had been blended, it looked more watery than it should have… It was darker, too. As if a shadow was cast over it.

I quickly exited out of that an ran for Mauville, avoiding all grass patches. I made it to Mauville, noone was there. It was as dark as Verdanturf.

I ran down towards Slateport, through the low road, with the high-grass. I was in battle with a Minun, I used Hypnosis.

Cue the dumb text box with the dumb letters. I pressed A quickly to get through it, and to the last box.

It read; “Never to awaken”.

Minun sprite, laying there in a mess of smeared pixels. Those deformed figures laying there were really starting to freak me out. Who hacked this game like this?! Whoever did it should get a hug for being a great hacker, and a punch in the nuts for being such a psycho.

The game was starting to freak me out now. The old lullabye began playing again as I tried to make it through the field. I was put in battle with a Poochyena. I used Hypnosis. The usual fade to black and text box happened, I clicked through the random symbols and such and finally the last text box appeared saying. “A dreamless slumber”.

The Poochyena sprite lay in front of mine, I ran past it without even looking at it. I hated those stupid things. Laying there, they looked like they just got hit by a truck.  Whoever made this really didn’t need to add them.

I had finally gotten through the field and arrived at Slateport. The city was empty, as I expected. So I went to Alterring Cave, praying something may be there, or atleast the music would change. The lullabye was so creepy and it seemed as though my sound adjustment was completely broken, it wouldn’t work at all, the volume never changed.

I stepped into Alterring cave and was immediatly locked into a battle with a Zubat. I used Hypnosis, once again. The random text boxes appeared and I clicked through them to the end, where I found the last one reading; “Infested with the darkest nightmares.”

The Zubat sprite. Deformed and dark. The smeared pixels seem to almost… Twitch.

The music was slowing to a hideous drone.

I ran back and forth in the cave, hoping for something to happen.

Finally, another Zubat appeared. Hypnosis. Random numbers. Then; “You’re getting tired, now”.

This Zubat sprite was different from the first, I noticed with every one appearing they would get more and more warped and disturbing.

I ran some more.

Zubat. Hypnosis. Symbols. 

"You should rest."

Now the sprite of the Hypnotised Pokemon was just a complete mess of jumbled, dark, pixels.

I then ran out of the cave, tired of all those creepy messages, and those creepy ass sprites.

Upon leaving the cave, I was transported back to the weird place I had started, the music was now nothing more than a buzz, the Pokemon cries in the background were just horrible, tortured, moans.

Then, without even moving, I was put into a battle with a level 100 Haunter, exactly like my own, even named the same. 

Then I realized that that was my Haunter. I was sent into battle.

The Haunter used Hypnosis.

The screen faded to black.

The text boxes appeared.

Numbers, letters, symbols, all in a completely scattered order of no meaning.

Until the last text box;

"Rest now, your eternal rest."

I wasn’t put back to that weird place, but instead my deformed sprite did appear from out of the black backdrop, it was blurred and smeared beyond the quality that the game could possibly comprehend at the time it was made. It was warped, dark, deformed, and overall; disturbing. I pressed A as fast as I could. The music whirred to a halt as the picture faded out.

The game completely went black. Complete silence.

I waited atleast 20 minutes, watching the screen, expecting something more to happen.



Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or feedback, I would be grateful if you would e-mail your opinions to me on this story!

EDIT: I found out that this game wasn’t mine, my mom bought it at a garage sale because my original one was broken after she dropped a box on it, she didn’t want to tell me that so she just bought me a new one. I had recently taken it to a local Game Stop and had the guy run it through a hack/Game Shark history scanner, and the results of the analysis showed that the game had never been hacked or even been put on an emulator, it was in it’s original form. He told me that he could send it back to Nintendo to have it checked out for me, and I’m sort of contemplating it, but for now it’s still laying on the window in my bedroom where I had last set it, I refuse to touch it, let alone play it.

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