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22nd January 2012

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Pokemon Cursed Emerald: Evil’s TEMPTATION

Hello readers… You may remember the original Cursed Emerald that came out around this time last year. The one with Damion, the Demon… Well this story takes place one year later after the events of Damion in the damaged Emerald copy. It’s now January 11, 2012, about a few days ago I recently went looking for a gift card I misplaced on Christmas, but when I found it, I saw my Cursed Emerald cartridge. I was wondering where I left it. In fact I can’t recall ever touching it since that event. I figured the game was fine now ever since I eliminated Damion, but now I figured since I beat all my games and not really gonna buy a new one yet, I would play through this game once more.

I decided for this playthrough, I was gonna do a Nuzlocke challenge. So far in the Nuzlocke challenge, I had no fainted Pokemon yet, have caught a good set of Pokemon and beaten my first Gym without flaws. But then I entered Route 116, I had caught a Nincada, so I was about to leave the route and then I heard a random Pokemon cry. An exclamation point popped up above my character and made me move one step back into Route 116. I was confused and now somewhat nervous. Knowing this cartridge, I could tell it was gonna lead to some kind of trouble, but I guess curiosity took control and forced me to go into the grass.

Then suddenly… The first step I took into the grass made a wild Pokemon appear. The wild Pokemon was a Shiny Skitty! My eyes sparkled at the sight of it. I really couldn’t believe I caught a Pokemon here though. As I press run, a text came up and said, “Tee Hee Hee! Capture me!” I thought I was seeing things, but the text was right there. I could tell now something new was going on, but as much as turning the game off sounded good in my head right now, I knew it wouldn’t solve much as every time someone would turn off the game, it’ll just start back here. No resetting the game for me. I did as the text said and went into my bag and caught the Skitty right there and that’s that. The nickname option didn’t show up. Before checking my Skitty I caught, I took a moment to think about the situation at hand. I caught a Pokemon that obviously is a glitch of some kind, but it doesn’t seem to mess with the game apparently. And also this is a Nuzlocke run. And it’s the second Pokemon I caught in one route since it was shiny, which means it’s unusable! I don’t think anything would happen if I was to just leave it in the box at my PC. I’m off Scott free already!

… Or so I thought. As I took one step from the grass, I saw my menu selection screen pop up. Suddenly I was at my Party and saw the Skitty named TEMPTATION was where my Nincada was. It’s info were all question marks other then name, level, moves and stats. I knew from here on, I was stuck with it. And once more, the dang game caught me in this hell…

I headed to the Rustboro Pokemon Center to deposit TEMPTATION into the PC. But when I opened it to deposit it in the DEAD box, I saw my Nincada their. I’m guesssing TEMPTATION really wants to be with me, so I took out my Nincada and put TEMPTATION in another box named SHINY. I left the PC and a text came up again and said, “Take me out!” The PC meun reopened and I was apparently stuck with having TEMPTATION on my team. But I decided to move Nincada to a different box, not for dead, Nuzlocke Pokemon.

I went through the game normally. The Skitty I had leveled up normally as with my other Pokemon. I had lost two Pokemon when I got up to the sixth gym, and my Nincada had leveled up to Evolution time and I got a Ninjask and Shedinja, a Torchic into Blaziken and a Winguil into Pelipper. I had five Pokemon for a reason and a box full of random Pokemon. I decided to go Route 120 and catch an Absol. I had miraculously caught enough Pokemon to isolate an Absol search without breaking the Nuzlocke rulings. As soon as I found an Absol. Strangely and luckily the first step into the grass, I jump at the color scheme of it! It was the same Absol from one year ago! The same one that helped me take out Damion. I had two things at mind. First was that Damion was back and wanted vengence. Or this Absol has something to do with TEMPTATION the Skitty. I knew she was expecting me to capture her, but when I used a Poke Ball, a text popped up. “TEMPTATION broke the Poke Ball!” The Absol then used Destiny Bond! Looks like she’s expecting me to fight her. I didn’t want to for the reasons being I knew her. I had no choice but to attempt to run. But no luck… a text box showed up saying, “ABSOL: Don’t run! Fight!” I wasn’t sure if she really wanted me to fight, or if she just wanted to fight Skitty. I decided to lob another Poke Ball and Skitty broke it once more. Absol decided to use Bite! TEMPTATION got damaged and said “TEMPTATION: You annoying creature! Why don’t you go away!” When that text box appeared, some of the info of the Skitty finally showed up. Turns out it was a Male and Naughty Nature. Another text box appeared. “ABSOL: Let me take it down!” As she said that, the screen blinked green for a moment and suddenly the Absol had dark green gunk on her fur and the horn and tail was broken. TEMPTATION said, “TEMPTATION: I’ll take you out this time around. Bleed for now…” I didn’t get what was going on. Absol in her current color scheme was invincible! Now she’s being beaten! I had to stop the match but I still couldn’t run! I didn’t want to select an attack because Absol’s health was at red. I didn’t want to risk it. I threw another Poke Ball and this time it made contact, and caught Absol! A text box appeared “TEMPTATION: AM I NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU?!!!” The match ends on that and the game starts me back on Route 120 with a text box saying, “TEMPTATION: RELEASE HER!” Too bad for TEMPTATION, when I got to the Pokemon Center at Lilycove City, I put TEMPTATION into the box and took out Absol. This time I was allowed to leave the PC, but when I exited the Center, a text box popped up. “TEMPTATION: GET!!! ME!!! OUT!!!” I got nervous as each step I took away from the Pokemon Center, the text would pop up again. I decided what am I saving it for? I might as well release it. I walked back to the Center and went to the PC and decided to release the Skitty. The text box that popped up after releasing TEMPTATION was, “TEMPTATION: You’ll regret this…” That line gave me reason to jump as I left the PC and walked out the Center.

I was still very nervous about finishing off the game, but as I coninued playing. I didn’t face any troubles, especially when catching a Rayquaza. I didn’t lose any Pokemon and my Absol pretty much lead me through the game and up to the Elite Four. As I went to fight my way through it. I figured nothing would happen at the end. I mean last time I was in this mess, I was in trouble way before I hit Lilycove. I guess now that I’m up to the Elite Four Wallace, I can say my quest is just about done.

But that wouldn’t make such a good ending for me now would it. Because when I entered the last room, Wallace wasn’t waiting for me. Nope. A face I haven’t seen in a year popped onto the screen. It was Damian. I thought he died in Gale Of Darkness. Turns out I was utterly wrong… Damion started to talk when I entered the room.

"Damion: Finally. It’s been a while Frank. I believe you currently have ownership over my latest Pokemon.

Now tell me. Where is my Pokemon? Where is Skitty? WHERE IS MY TEMPTATION!!!?”

I could actually hear a voice from my DS as the text goes on by itself. I remember this situation from last time. I actually had to speak into the DS Mic last time. I wasn’t sure if I had to press something because the text box didn’t disappear. I spoke into the mic and said, “I released it.”

The text box for Damion was blank. I wondered what he was thinking at that time. It’s been about five minutes of silence  and no word from him still. I wonder if I had to say more. I cleared my throat and said, “humph… why so quiet?”

"Damion: Why…? Why you ask…? I want my life back… Before you even played this game I was having the time of my life. You had to interveine. And I lost everything. Who do you think you are… You took my Absol. You took my Skitty. WHAT MORE WILL YOU TAKE!!!?"

I said, “first off, you beat your Absol and left it for dead. Secondly, if say that Skitty was yours, then why was I able to capture it? Thirdly—-” Damion then interrupts me.

"Damion: SHUT UP!!! What did you mean you caught it!? I recently caught!"

A random voice came up from nowhere. This voice sounded like Damian’s but very distorted.


"Damion: Right… It’s caused my suffering by getting him. I want her dead."

The battle between me and Damion had commensed. His only Pokemon was a Skitty with the Moves Double-Edge, Blizzard, Thunder and Shadow Ball. It was level 100 and throughout the match, all I could hear was the disorted cries of pratically every Pokemon randomly replaying. When I brought out Blaziken, it only had 1 hit point left. It was kiled by Double Edge. I figured Rayquaza could take it out. But it used Blizzard and I found it weird that the hit didn’t say it was super effective but alas, Rayquaza fell victim to it. I brought out a Flygon I had and it too fell. My Pokemon were dropping like flies! I just couldn’t win. I was afraid to bring out Absol in the event it dies. I would risk her… I decided to go with Ninjask. I managed to bring TEMPTATIONS’ hit points down to red out of sheer luck. But Ninjask fell to Thunder. It was using super effective moves, but I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t announcing them as such. Then it hit me. It was odd to realize it, but somehow this third gen Skitty had the abiity Normalize. That’s when it dong on me. I had to use Shedinja! When I brought it out, a text box came up. “TEMPTATION: WHAT!? BUT NINCADA WAS DEAD! YOU SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO USE IT! NUZLOCKE RULES STATE SO!” I responded with, “if you’d  rememebered correctly. I caught Nincada before you. I wasn’t allowed to use you. So I removed you.” A shadow formed behind the Skitty and made some form of Demonic Doppelganger in silhouette form of Skitty. TEMPTATION said, “TEMPTATION: DO YOU STILL WANT E NOW GUYS..!? TEE HEE HEE?” Absol suddenly Switched in and used Destiny Bond! TEMPTATION used  Doom Desire and the match ended with a blank screen. The screen was black as the Absol said, “ABSOL: Congradulations… You’ve completed the Nuzlocke. I wish I could stay… That’s my desire…” The game turned itself off and the game once again resetted on me. This time I really couldn’t help but feel terrible for that Absol. I mean, it is a video game. But I feel as if that Absol has a soul possibly. I played through the game normally once more to see if I noticed anything different, but nothing showed. I fought a trainer with an Absol and checked to see if Absols were present in the game. The only thing wrong was that it said Absols location was unknown on the Pokedex. I figured that Absol must’ve left my Emerald cartridge. I searched every inch of the game, but no luck on finding one. No change to the gameplay however. But I do wish I can find Absol again. To atleast transfer it to my Pokemon Black game. But I guess it’s time to give up the chase…

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